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Strap This Watch

Lets face it, finding the perfect watch strap is difficult.  Good ones are easy, but that perfect one can be elusive. Rather than just allow you to flounder around on the shore hoping you land on the right spot, I have conjured up this new section of Strapsense called Strap This Watch.

In this section I plan on taking a watch and trying to pair it with as many straps I can so I can find the perfect one.  It will go something like this.

I will pick a watch, and talk briefly about the watch and what attributes I will try to think about when I pair it.  After that I will attach as many straps that may fit into the watches personality. In the end I hope to find the perfect strap.  What you the reader gains is the seeing the same watch on a GREAT many straps.  If I do not pick your watch, then maybe I can pick one similar.  If you have any suggestions for a watch you want me to try to match, please ask!