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About Me

If I expect a reader, any reader to trust me at all, I feel you should have some insight to who is putting words on this page.  I am a  Mechanical Engineer who currently works at NASA on Propulsion systems.  I am in my mid 40’s and am blessed to have a wonderful supportive wife and two boys to care for.  I have always loved watches, but got into them with some zeal about 3 years ago.  I do not have any over the top watches, but have a small respectable collection that I love dearly.  An Omega, a Breitling, a couple of Oris’s (Orisi???), a new tudor black bay,  and a small flock of Seikos and Hamiltons. I do not judge nor do I fit the definition of a watch snob. I look just as longingly at my Seiko Cocktail Time as I do my First Omega in Space.  Price does not make me love or hate a watch. If it speaks to me I buy it, and naturaly change the strap a dozen or so times until I find, ‘the ONE’.

Having got that out of the way, I want to be perfectly clear on one small point.  I am not an expert  on horology or the production of leather goods.  However,  I have a passion for quality made goods and an appreciation for craftsmanship. By all accounts you could tie a shoelace  on your wrist and hold a watch on.  The chasm between a piece of bonded leather garbage and a fine carefully tanned piece of leather is enormous.  I love to support  craftsmanship whenever I can.  I find its quality is its own reward.

I want to share my thoughts on some watch straps in an effort to remove the cloud of who you can trust and where you can spend your money with the best chance of success.  I hope you enjoy reading this.